Her Blogging Secret Made $114,454 in 30 Days: Summary


Personal Growth and Mindset in Blogging

  • 💡 The biggest light bulb moment in blogging is realizing the importance of focusing on one thing and giving it time to see results, just like working out at the gym.
  • 💡 “Being smart with your to-do list and focusing on tasks that will actually move the needle is key to maximizing productivity.”
  • 💡 “If there’s a connection that needs to be made with the reader to lift you up off of someone else, you need to get over some of those insecurities and share about yourself.”
  • 💡 Instead of constantly worrying about the future, focus on what is currently working and adapt when necessary, as demonstrated by the speaker’s experience with pivoting their blog.
  • 📝 Creating a detailed customer avatar can help guide your writing and make it easier to address pain points and connect with your target audience.
  • 💡 “You have to figure out what is different about you” – Highlighting the importance of identifying and showcasing unique qualities to stand out in the blogging world.

Monetization Strategies and Success Stories

  • 💰 Starting a blog as a way to document personal experiences can accidentally lead to a successful business, as shown by the speaker’s journey from blogging about her gap year to making $114,454 in a month.
  • 🏖️ “I was fully prepared to go be a beach hobo in Costa Rica and just have this blog making enough money that I could like do some fun stuff on the side.”
  • 💰 The speaker’s SEO site generated $35,000 in a single day, showcasing the potential for high earnings through effective monetization strategies.
  • 💰 The last day of the sale for her SEO course exceeded her expectations, with 40 people purchasing it, far more than the anticipated three.
  • 💼 “Even with all the craziness that’s going on with Google or SEO and even AI, it’s still a great business model.”

SEO and Keyword Research Tips

  • 📝 She shares step-by-step backlink strategies and keyword research tricks that helped her reach this major milestone.
  • 💰 Using author schema on your website can lead to a significant increase in page views and revenue, making it a quick win for bloggers.
  • 💻 FAQ schema can increase the likelihood of ranking for “People also ask” snippets, making it a highly recommended strategy for SEO.
  • 🤔 There is a misconception that high competition and high volume keywords are always the best strategy, but sometimes lower volume keywords can lead to higher affiliate commissions, as seen with a post that had a search volume of 70 and brought in the highest income.
  • 📊 Testing different strategies, such as guest posts and infographics, is crucial to finding what works best for your niche and optimizing results.


The key idea of the video is that blogging can be highly profitable through SEO strategies, strong content, and establishing credibility, but it requires focus, goal-setting, and overcoming obstacles.

💰 Nina Clapperton made over $114,454 in a month from her blog, discussing her SEO strategies and milestones, after starting accidentally and learning from mistakes.

  • Nina Clapperton made over $114,454 in a single month from her blog, discussing her strategies and milestones in SEO.
  • Chris Miles interviews Nina Collaberton about her successful blogging strategy, and they discuss her unique name and the confusion it sometimes causes with the famous singer Nina Simone.
  • The speaker accidentally started a blog while on a gap year, made mistakes in growing traffic, and had unrealistic aspirations of becoming famous on Instagram and TikTok.
  • The speaker initially didn’t prioritize SEO and focused only on keywords, resulting in irrelevant and scattered content.
  • The speaker initially wrote for her family but realized she needed a strategy and consistency to improve her blog, and after five years, she decided to prove people wrong by giving herself a year to succeed before considering law school.
  • The speaker started a blog, learned about affiliate marketing and email marketing, and was surprised to make $10,000 and $100,000 in a month.

💡 Leaving a lucrative lawyer job to pursue SEO, the speaker emphasizes the importance of analytical problem-solving skills and a strong work ethic in blogging, while cautioning against veering off track and the need for accurate information.

  • The speaker discusses leaving a lucrative lawyer job to pursue SEO, noting that SEO requires analytical problem-solving skills and a comfort with imperfections that is often gained in the corporate world.
  • Having a background in law has helped the speaker develop skills in attention to detail and problem-solving, which are important in the field of SEO.
  • Being in control of your own work and not having to deal with interruptions or mundane tasks is empowering and enjoyable, especially in professions like law.
  • To succeed in blogging, it is important to have a strong work ethic, focus on the right things, and understand that success takes time and effort.
  • Investing in courses and relying on advice from Facebook groups led to veering off track and not having anyone to curb shiny object syndrome, resulting in wasted time and the need for a more sustainable approach.
  • Correcting misinformation and providing accurate information helps the speaker produce more content for their blog, YouTube, and social media platforms, as they believe that people are not intentionally spreading false information but rather lack knowledge on the subject.

💰 A solopreneur shares their experience and advice on staying focused, setting goals, and building a successful blogging business, making over $100,000 in a month through affiliates, courses, coaching, and SEO.

  • The speaker discusses their experience as a solopreneur and their preference for working alone rather than managing a team, mentioning a mistake they made in hiring writers instead of virtual assistants for formatting.
  • The speaker emphasizes the importance of sticking with one goal and not getting distracted by new opportunities, as it takes time to see results and jumping on every new trend can be detrimental.
  • Setting lofty goals and building in public can help curb shiny object syndrome and keep you on track, as external accountability and self-imposed uncomfortable goals can motivate you to stay focused and avoid distractions.
  • The speaker discusses their single-minded focus, ability to oscillate between multiple sites, and the importance of productive hyper fixations and prioritizing tasks that will make a significant impact.
  • The speaker discusses their portfolio of five sites, with two of them generating over 100K in a month through affiliates, course sales, coaching services, and some Amazon income.
  • The speaker didn’t expect to make near $100,000 in a month from blogging, but in the last week, after promoting her SEO course, she ended up making $114,454 with 40 people purchasing it in one day.

💰 Blogging can be highly profitable, with success attributed to SEO, user experience, strong content, and establishing credibility, but caution should be exercised when sharing personal information online.

  • The speaker describes the exhilarating feeling of making a large amount of money from her blog, contrasting it with her grandmother’s perspective on stability and highlighting the high profit margins of blogging compared to other professions.
  • The speaker discusses how they made a significant amount of money through blogging, primarily attributing their success to SEO and the importance of user experience.
  • Creating strong content and establishing credibility are key to blogging success, and using author schema can significantly increase page views and revenue.
  • Sharing personal stories and experiences on the internet can help build a connection with readers and establish credibility, but it’s important to consider potential risks and be cautious about what is shared, especially in certain professions or situations.
  • Be cautious about sharing personal information online, but it’s okay to use a different photo and name as long as you are consistent; it’s important to consider the potential consequences of sharing personal information and not everyone will like your content, but it’s still possible to have a successful blog.
  • Make changes to your blog by replacing photos, changing the Persona name, or the person running it, unless your domain name includes your name.

📈 Using the Rank Math plugin and Cadence theme, the speaker shares tips on adding schema to websites, creating calculators, and utilizing SEO strategies to increase website traffic and rankings.

  • The speaker recommends using the rank math plug-in to easily add schema to websites, including FAQ schema which increases the likelihood of ranking for “People also ask” snippets, and author schema which can be enabled in the rank math settings.
  • Use the Cadence theme to add an author box to blog posts by toggling it on in the customize settings and writing a bio in the author area.
  • The speaker developed calculators for their SEO students to determine the profitability of affiliate keywords and created a vacation budget calculator for their travel site.
  • The speaker made several mistakes with the SEO and design of their blog post, but it still received a high number of page views and they accidentally broke the first calculator when creating a second one.
  • Using ranked math for SEO can help increase website traffic and trust signals with Google, and zero volume keywords are an advanced strategy that can be beneficial for new sites due to lack of competition.

📈 Writing blog posts around hyper-specific topics with low competition can generate high traffic and affiliate commissions, even for keywords with low search volume, and focusing on selling higher-priced items with lower competition can lead to significant financial success.

  • Having high rankings and internal linking can help increase traffic and competition, even for keywords with low search volume.
  • Writing blog posts around hyper-specific topics with low competition can be a successful strategy for generating traffic and ranking higher in search results, even if the topics may seem basic or irrelevant.
  • Using zero volume keywords can still bring a lot of traffic and generate high affiliate commissions, as demonstrated by the speaker’s experience with their baby site and travel blog.
  • Focus on selling higher-priced items with lower competition, don’t be afraid of low volume, and some keywords may no longer exist due to changes in Google’s algorithm.
  • The speaker discusses the importance of finding specific keywords, not worrying about the impact of certain tools, and the need to pivot when necessary based on their own experiences with their travel blog.
  • Continuing to do what is already working instead of constantly changing strategies can lead to significant financial success.

💡 Creating a successful blog requires overcoming obstacles, highlighting your unique selling point, and utilizing link building for faster success.

  • Creating a successful business can be risky and lead to devastating consequences, as exemplified by the story of a man who sold Victoria’s Secret before it became popular and ultimately took his own life due to the loss he incurred, highlighting the dangers of wanting more.
  • Making money through blogging was easy for the speaker, but they felt guilty about it because they believed money should be earned through hard work and hustle, even though they had spent years paying dues and doing the wrong things before achieving success.
  • Not talking about affiliate links, not writing dedicated posts, not sharing testimonials, and not identifying your ideal customer can hinder the success of a blog, so it’s important to overcome these obstacles and focus on your unique selling point.
  • Figure out what makes you different and highlight it on your website, such as mentioning your impressive educational background.
  • Link building is important for success in blogging, and while some may say it’s not necessary, it will take longer to achieve success without it.

📝 Guest posting is the most effective way to attract links and achieve a high ROI, emphasizing the importance of backlinks for affiliate posts, while finding the right affiliates requires reaching out to the right people and searching for specific terms in their privacy policies.

  • Guest posting is the most effective way to attract links and achieve a high ROI compared to link swapping and collab posts, as it requires less time and effort and should focus on how it benefits the recipient rather than oneself.
  • Comparing horror links to guest posts, the speaker found that guest posts performed better, emphasizing the importance of backlinks for affiliate posts and the need to test and analyze data over a period of at least one month.
  • Finding the right affiliates for your blog requires reaching out to the right people and searching for specific terms in their privacy policies, while guest posting can be beneficial for expanding your reach in different niches.
  • To improve SEO rankings, focus on obtaining high-quality backlinks from reputable domains, prioritize do-follow links, avoid scammy or irrelevant links, strategically link to important content on your homepage, and consider linking directly to specific posts or silo pages for maximum benefit.
  • Linking to your homepage with varied anchor text is important for backlinks, and using a code like Mediavine can help with guest post opportunities, while Nina can be found on her website, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and her free Facebook group.
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